A Brief Overview on Multiple Coin and Single Coin Slot Machines

doublebubblebonus11More than one coin is accepted or needed in a multiple-coin slot machine like Double Bubble, which exists in a myriad of configurations. Normally called multipliers, multiple-coin machines have a single pay line across the reel. It means that winning combinations have to be aligned along the centre line. However, the kind of machine determines whether a player can play in a sequence of one to six or more coins at any given time.

Contemporary multiplier slot machines accept three or five coins per playing session. It is based on the premise that every additional inserted coin proportionately increases the amount to be won on a combination of symbols yielding payouts. More often than not, a bonus amount is paid if the player wins on the highest jackpot symbols, usually 7s, in the event that the maximum number of coins inserted in the machine is accepted.

If a player lines up three bars and plays a three-reel, three-coin quarter multiplier, this is likely what he might win. With the playing of one quarter, the machine would yield 50 quarters, with the playing of two quarters the player is likely to win 100 quarters and three quarters are likely to yield 150 quarters. It actually means that for an additional coin played the proportionate winning chance increases by 50 coins on the winnings, but there was no actual multiplication.

If one goes by the theorem of multiplication, if a player had lined up three 7s and played a single coin, he should have received a 100-coin pay. If two coins were played, the winnings should have comprised 200 coins and for the playing of three coins, the player should have won 600. In this case, the three-coin payoff is thrice the amount for playing with two coins. 

If the jackpot has increased in proportion with the bars, the player would have availed of around 300 coins, which means that the highest jackpot for 7s is multiplied if the maximum coins are played. It actually means that the player would have received a 300 coin bonus for playing three quarters in place of only one and two with the lining of the 7s.

The Single-coin Slot Machines

Though most modern-day machines have multiple coin slots, there are still some machines that accept only one coin per play. These slots have become obsolete in modern clubs, but are still in vogue at some of the smaller clubs. These coin slots mostly exist in nickel, dime and quarter denominations. They have skinny reels, which jerk to a stop after spinning with a clanging sound. Jackpots of $7.50 to a maximum of $15 are paid by single-coin nickel denomination machines. Playing on these machines can be a joyride for the player who wants to enjoy a leisurely game as the returns are not that great!

However, Double Bubble is one of the newer slots available online at all Gamesys powered casinos. A multiple-coin slot, it’s quite fun and is also known to offer decent payouts!